The perception of job descriptions being tedious and sometimes unnecessary is a view that many of us fall victim to.  Host Tim Faller sees this all too often and even notices that it is something that typically falls through the cracks of a business.  Guest Jackie Shaw joins this episode to share the importance of job descriptions not only for the employee’s sake, but for the sake of the whole company.

In addition to being a long-standing Roundtables facilitator, Jackie is founder and principal consultant of Get Organized, whose mission is to increase the happiness in the world by helping business owners deal with accounting and administrative challenges. She is a nationally recognized presenter, consultant and QuickBooks Wizard.

Prior to founding Get Organized, Jackie was an HR Manager and Financial Controller in the corporate world. HR and employee relations are intricately intertwined with the financial success of companies so Jackie’s HR knowledge comes in handy on a regular basis. 

Tim, Steve and Jackie talk more about:

  • The purpose of job descriptions
  • Legal examples of job descriptions
  • Specifications based on a position
  • And more…

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