Ep.192: Active Listening in the Job Interview with Christine Miles

In the interview process, actively listening is key. But how? And how do we change if we “really need someone”? Then, of course there are all the other times that when we look back at a difficult situation, whether a client or an employee, we see all the signs of challenge were there, but that we just did not listen. Guest Christine Miles is here to share some insight and answers on how to avoid that situation.

Christine Miles is an author of What Is It Costing You Not to Listen?: The Power of Understanding to Connect, Influence, Solve & Sell, a professional keynote speaker, consultant, executive coach, thought leader, entrepreneur, and radio show host.  She is the founder and CEO of EQuipt.  Additional information on her may be obtained here. 

Tim, Steve and Christine talk more about:

  • The importance of learning to listen
  • Other situations we can benefit from actively listening in
  • And more…

Ep.191: Chatting with a Carpentress with Nancy Meyer

Join us as we talk about women in construction with guest Nancy Meyer.  Nancy talks about breaking through barriers and gender stereotypes in a male dominated field and the tips and tricks to succeed along the way.

After joining Hudson Valley Preservation in 2018 as an office assistant, Nancy has added carpenter to the many hats she currently wears. She brings creative attention to project details and a cheerful attitude to the job site and in the office. She is helping change stereotypes of who a carpenter is, as well as bridging the gap between the office and the field.

Tim, Steve and Nancy talk more about:

  • Bringing women into construction teams
  • Creating a successful work environment
  • And more…

Ep.190: Stop the Runs! (Lumberyard runs that is) with Paul Wurth

Making multiple trips to the lumber yard for construction material is both disruptive to jobsite progress and very costly. By stopping all material runs your business can save thousands of dollars on labor, gas, vehicles and much more.  Guest Paul Wurth is here to share how to stop making these unnecessary trips and save your company money in the long run.

Paul Wurth is the Chief Revenue Officer at the technology startup, RenoRun! RenoRun provides a simple, cost effective way to help contractors stop multiple trips to get construction material, saving time and money. 

Tim, Steve and Paul talk more about:

  • Technology in relation to remodeling
  • Identifying costly behaviors 
  • And more…

Episode 189: The 5 Statements You Should Not Make

What we say is a reflection of what we think, and as clinical counselors will tell you, what we think will dictate how we act. So, how we act will of course dictate success. 

Following this logic, words are very powerful factors in our success.  But do we pay attention to those words?  We tend to be concerned about what we say as it affects others, but what about the effect on ourselves?

What we say is often said without thinking of their potential consequences.  They can be seen as excuses or statements of desperation, or they can be simply things we say when nothing else seems to fit. But all of them can have a negative impact on us and our work, so Tim and Steve share specific examples and how to avoid them.

Tim and Steve talk more about:

  • Encouraging new thought processes
  • Rephrasing the things we say
  • And more…

Ep.188: Skills Training Meets Technology with Jordan Smith

In this episode we’ll cover learning in a digital age, and how training impacts the way we hire and train workers.  Guest Jordan Smith shares the best ways to implement or build onto an existing training program to foster employee progress, career growth and the overall success of one’s organization.

Jordan is the President and Founder of Smith House Company, a design + build firm based in Austin, Texas. He learned to build and weld while working on the farm with his grandad, and after earning a degree in Welding and Materials Engineering, he spent the next 10 years working in heavy construction building everything from robots to ships to offshore oil rigs before transitioning to residential construction. 

Tim, Steve and Jordan talk more about:

  • Accounting for regional differences in business
  • MT Copeland
  • And more…

Ep.187: The House That SHE Built with Mollie Elkman

As listeners know, hosts Tim and Steve try to bring as many women on the show as possible in hopes of bringing new perspectives to the podcast.  So, guest Mollie Elkman is with us today to discuss her book that promotes the idea to young girls that women are capable of anything they set their mind to. She also helps us understand how we may be able to reach out to women, but maybe more importantly to girls during the formative years of their lives.

With a passion for understanding human behavior, particularly what drives people to make the biggest purchase of their life, Mollie uses not only her extensive knowledge and industry expertise to connect with buyers, but a kind of empathy that you don’t often see in a business setting.  She is the owner of Group Two and uses her position to cultivate strong relationships within her community through full service marketing for home builders.

Tim, Steve and Mollie talk more about:

  • Women in construction
  • Breaking through barriers
  • How listeners can participate
  • And more…

Ep.186: Thoughts on Leadership with Wayne Ottum

One of the consultants here at Remodelers Advantage specializes in company leadership development. So, we asked him to join us on the show to help us understand what leadership is and perhaps help start the shift from “how to manage people” to “how to lead people.”

Wayne Ottum is a consultant, author and speaker dedicated to creating extraordinary businesses and leaders and is President and Founder of Ottum Enterprises, LLC in Kirkland, Washington. Now in his 19th year, Wayne is especially proud of the work he has done to guide owners of remodeling companies to create a clear and compelling direction, purpose, and culture for their companies.

Tim, Steve and Wayne talk more about:

  • Leadership V. Managing
  • Leadership across roles
  • And more…

Ep.185: A Different Calling with Aaron Goeke

We have done a number of episodes that are centered on the idea that we can look outside of our industry to bring in managers. We have also seen where some companies have found great success in hiring Project Managers from outside of the industry and training them in construction.

So, we continue that thought in this episode. Our guest Aaron Goeke comes to us from church ministry, what many people may refer to as a “calling” as opposed to a job.  Host Tim Faller started his working life as a youth minister and switched into construction, and shares his experiences during his transition in this episode.

Aaron is the Production Manager at CROSS, a luxury remodeling firm in San Antonio Texas. Aaron has been with the company for just over a year now, and has a background in custom cabinet building and commercial construction sales. He now manages a team of four project managers, one project coordinator, two construction supervisors and 10 field personnel.

Tim, Steve and Aaron talk more about:

  • Transferable skills
  • What to look for in a PM candidate
  • The process of switching industries
  • And more…

Ep.184: Scheduling From Sales Through Completion with Eric Bain

Scheduling has been a challenge for everyone over the last few years. Scheduling individual jobs is a challenge by itself but adding the sales design process, the job set up, and then the job itself makes the challenge grow exponentially.

Getting the sales design process scheduled is a growing trend in an effort to more accurately predict the start dates for clients.  This process involves gaining the buy-in from designers, sales, and production which can be a daunting task. Our guest today is navigating these waters with success and is here to share his experiences with our listeners.

Eric Bain is the project manager of Innovative Construction and oversees projects as well as handles client relations. He previously worked for the City of Vail where he sharpened his site inspection, landscaping and heavy equipment skills.

Tim, Steve and Eric talk more about:

  • Working alongside sales and design teams 
  • Utilizing a master schedule
  • Dealing with issues regarding supplies
  • And more…

Ep.183: The Importance of Gender Inclusion with Emma Kraft

Happy Women in Construction week!

We welcome guest Emma Kraft to the show to learn about the struggles of bridging the gap in a male dominated field as both a woman, and a daughter.  

Emma Kraft is the Business Operations Manager at Kraft Custom Construction, Inc., located in Salem, Oregon.  The company was started by Emma’s father, Robert Kraft, in 1982. In 2001, he made a conscious decision to down-size the company and focus on completing fewer, higher revenue producing projects. Kraft is a design/build company and does remodeling, additions, and historic restoration work. Kraft employs 5 full-time employees, and completes around $2.5 million in revenue annually.

Tim, Steve and Emma talk more about:

  • Biases against women in construction
  • Some of the challenges exclusive to women
  • How others can help bridge this gap
  • And more…