In Episode 5, Tim and Steve take a closer look at ways to motivate your team to help implement positive change within your organization. One way, that is discussed at length on this episode, is to introduce and hold mini-games or contests for your team.

We’re not talking about a three-legged race out in the parking lot… Mini-games are short term, highly focused, rapid improvement campaigns that affect specific change within a company. As Tim says, “Winning the small games ultimately help you win the big ones…” and that can be related to profitability, efficiency, customer satisfaction and more.

Tim and Steve welcome Brad Yetman to the show, a very successful production executive who has integrated this concept into his growing business in the Washington DC metro area.

Brad is the Vice President of Construction as well as part owner at Anthony Wilder Design Build. Brad is responsible for overseeing the production department which will have produced approximately $14,000,000 in this fiscal year. Brad has developed a financially focused approach to production management with an emphasis on “knowing the numbers” both in the field and in the office, an approach which fits well with the companies open book policy.

If you are a business owner or production manager in the remodeling or renovation industry and you are looking for ways to motivate your team, drive results, maximize profitability and improve employee morale; this episode is for you. Listen today!

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