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Getting to Know Our New Co-host with Greg Woleck – [The Tim Faller Show] S5 E8

We are thrilled to introduce our new co-host, Greg Woleck! As most of you may already know, Tim Faller will be retiring in September of 2024. Therefore, Greg will be joining us as a co-host and will eventually take over the podcast after Tim’s retirement. In this episode, Greg talks about his background in production and shares his vision for the future of Remodelers Advantage’s production programs. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Wheeler for his outstanding contribution to the Tim Faller Show!

Greg Woleck is a Production Consultant at Remodelers Advantage after joining RA in September. Greg lives in Bethel, Connecticut. He started as a bags-on career carpenter and evolved into management, first as a Lead Carpenter and then learning production management through site supervision, project management, sales, and estimating. Greg’s most recent experience has allowed him the great opportunity to work with other companies as a consultant, share his experience, and be their resource to help make their processes and systems better.

Greg, Tim, and Steve talk more about:

  • Greg’s experience with emerging technologies
  • Some of Greg’s horror stories during his time as a Lead Carpenter
  • And more…

An Español Track at JLC Live! with Paola Enriquez – [The Tim Faller Show] S5 E3

On today’s episode of the Tim Faller Show, Tim and Steve have a special guest, Paola Enriquez, who talks about a new track at JLC Live. Starting in March 2024, Spanish-speaking workers and owners can access education in their native language at the En Espanol track. This will be presented in Spanish rather than interpreted. Paola explains how the idea of this track was realized and what to expect during the track.

Paola Enriquez is the conference education manager at JLC LIVE. She enjoys connecting with people and making a difference. Paola is an active member in her community and volunteers for numerous causes, lending her bilingual and leadership skills to GED En Espanol, Financial Peace University English and Spanish classes, and Apartment Life, to name a few. Paola has been part of the JLC LIVE team since June of 2022.

Paola, Tim, and Steve talk more about…

  • Topics for the En Espanol track
  • How to register for the event
  • And more…

Hiring a PM That’s Never Swung a Hammer with Alison McLennan and Marsha Hanna – [The Tim Faller Show] S5 E2

The Tim Faller Show live from Summit! Alison McLennan and Marsha Hanna joined Tim and Steve on stage for a discussion. Alison talked about how McLennan Contracting hired Marsha as a Project Manager, who didn’t have any carpentry experience. However, Marsha’s non-construction skills made her an excellent choice for the role. They also discuss what a business owner sees in someone that makes them take a chance on a critical role.

Alison McLennan is President of McLennan Contracting, an award-winning design-build remodeling company in Lancaster, PA. Alison and her husband, Tim, co-own the business and are passionate about creating a company culture that is characterized by collaboration and continual learning. Over the last 20 years, Alison has worn many hats at McLennan – mostly working behind the scenes – but in 2021, her Roundtables peer group encouraged her to accept the role of president, and she accepted. Her focus is now on growing as a leader and cultivating a workplace that empowers and enriches the lives of McLennan’s team.

Marsha Hanna is the Production Manager of McLennan Contracting, an award-winning design-build remodeling company in Lancaster, PA. Marsha began her career with McLennan in September 2019 as a project coordinator and assumed her current role of Production Manager in October 2020. Marsha is a member of the Phoenix Production Manager group and received the MVP award at the spring meeting.

The 5 Statements You Should Not Make with Tim Faller and Steve Wheeler – [Best of The Tim Faller Show]

What we say is a reflection of what we think, and as clinical counselors will tell you, what we think will dictate how we act. So, how we act will of course dictate success. 

Following this logic, words are very powerful factors in our success.  But do we pay attention to those words?  We tend to be concerned about what we say as it affects others, but what about the effect on ourselves?

What we say is often said without thinking of their potential consequences.  They can be seen as excuses or statements of desperation, or they can be simply things we say when nothing else seems to fit. But all of them can have a negative impact on us and our work, so Tim and Steve share specific examples and how to avoid them.

Tim and Steve talk more about:

  • Encouraging new thought processes
  • Rephrasing the things we say
  • And more…

The Reputation Economy With Tess Jezek – [Best of The Tim Faller Show]

Tess Jezek joins the show today to discuss the importance of your company’s reputation in the reputation economy.  In fact, Forbes reports that 60% of consumers are willing to pay more if they believe they will receive a better service.  Tess discusses how an accurate description of your business online is smart business practice.  In addition, good social status leads to robust pricing power, and client loyalty can lead to return clients, referrals, and new business.

Tess is the Director of Sales for Customer Engagement Solutions of Evercommerce.  She manages the sales teams for GuildQualityPulseM, and Customer Lobby.  With close to a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, she understands the importance of customer experience, customer engagement, and customer retention as the most important drivers for your business.

Tess, Tim, and Steve discuss:

  • The importance of client feedback and when to solicit it
  • How to take control of the online narrative
  • How to use your online reputation to build a stronger business

The Tricks of a Lead Carpenter with Doug Horgan – [Best of The Tim Faller Show]

Tim and Steve welcome Doug Horgan to the show to discuss the role of a lead carpenter. Doug talks about his responsibilities, including research, being an internal “help desk,” managing people internally and externally.  He also manages scheduling and explains the meaning behind the saying “make ready planning” and why it’s essential for a lead carpenter.

Doug Horgan is Vice President–Best Practices at BOWA, the Washington DC area’s premier custom and remodeling builder. In this training, quality, and troubleshooting role, Doug’s goal is reducing construction defects through sharing knowledge. Doug’s thirty years of tools-on carpentry, warranty troubleshooting, and instruction experience, are the foundations for visually rich presentations on how to build properly and avoid construction problems.

Tim, Steve, and Doug talk more about

  • Having an organized job site
  • Client relations and communication
  • Advice for a lead carpenter
  • And more…

Getting Some Help with Alan Hendy – [Best of The Tim Faller Show]

One of the biggest challenges for contractors, other than labor shortages, is the fact that many face the process of building a business in isolation and their experience is often graded as pass or fail.  

When they pass they are happy, but when they fail it causes many issues for them and the families that they support.  But where do they turn for help?  Using the Power of Peers or hiring a consultant are both great approaches, and guest Alan Hendy joins this episode to help listeners explore the possibility of bringing a consultant in to assist in their business.

Alan is the CEO of Neals Design Remodel in Cincinnati, Ohio, a company that offers full-service design, estimating, and production of projects that transform their clients homes.  He graduated from Miami University and spent time working in the insurance industry until 28 years ago when he returned to the family business to become the second generation owner of Neals Design Remodel. 

Tim, Steve and Alan talk more about:

  • The benefits of hiring a consultant
  • Receiving and utilizing a consultants advice 
  • Advice for those considering hiring a consultant
  • And more…

Remodelers Advantage Consultants Standing by to Help You…

We’re Here to Help

The mission of the R/A consulting team is to join you on your path to success; providing the coaching, resources, and assistance you need to develop and implement strategies that will get you to the next level. Contact us today for information about how we can help

Costly Mistakes in Renovation with Michael Upshall – [Best of The Tim Faller Show]

From the vault, this episode was recorded because of a suggestion from one of our faithful listeners. Enjoy!

Get ready for an insightful episode as we dive into the topic of mistakes—specifically, the ones that cost remodelers and renovators more than just a few shims. We’re not talking about technical slip-ups; we’re tackling the errors that hit remodelers where it hurts the most.

Introducing Michael Upshall, the Founder of Probuilt Design + Build in Bolton, Ontario. Michael’s reputation precedes him, with appearances in design and home/lifestyle magazines, as well as regular speaking engagements at GTA Home Shows. With over 35 years of experience as a master carpenter turned renovator and builder, Michael has garnered numerous awards and accolades. In fact, PROBUILT holds the distinction of being the first two-time recipient of the prestigious BILD “Renovator of the Year” Award in 2002 and 2006.

In this episode, Tim, Steve, and Michael discuss:

  • Most common business mistakes contractors make
  • The importance of detailed specifications
  • Designing projects within client budgets
  • Pros and cons of competitive bidding vs. design/build approach

They also tackle the three biggest mistakes in production:

  • Sales to production hand-off packages
  • Tracking job costs during production
  • Timelines and scheduling intricacies

Michael also shares what it is like to build a house in 9 days to be featured in a trade show.

We value our subscribers and listeners, and we appreciate your suggestions for future guests. If there’s someone you’ve heard on another podcast or an author of a book who made a lasting impression, please reach out and let us know. Your input matters to us!

Join us on this enlightening journey and gain invaluable insights from the knowledgeable Michael Upshall.

Stay tuned and stay inspired!

How to Build Morale and Culture During a Transition with Jason Willet – [Best of The Tim Faller Show]

On a recent episode of The Tim Faller Show, Jason Willet, a partner and now vice president at Willet Construction, shared his experience on how he kept his team engaged during a company transition that ultimately led to growth for the company.

Willet Construction faced a challenging transition, but instead of letting it bring the team down, they came up with a creative solution called “Vision Day.” The main goal of this event was to get everyone on the same page regarding the transition’s how, what, when, where, and why.

Through this event, Willet Construction not only brought their team closer together, but they also raised morale and reinforced their company’s culture. By involving the team in the decision-making process and soliciting their opinions, the team felt valued and empowered.

Jason, Tim, and Steve delved deeper into the strategies that Willet Construction used to make Vision Day a success. They discussed the importance of creating a well-planned agenda, prioritizing goals, and utilizing team opinions.

As a partner at Willet Construction, Jason’s role involves estimating and design, as well as being an exterior consultant. With his experience and insights, he offers valuable advice on how to keep a team engaged and motivated during challenging times.

Overall, this episode offers practical advice and real-life examples of how to create a positive company culture and navigate challenging transitions. It’s a must-listen for anyone who wants to build a successful team and grow their company.

The Client Experience Part 2 with Camille Jenkins – [The Tim Faller Show] S4 E16

Today on the Tim Faller Show, Camille Jenkins joins the show to discuss the importance of the client experience and how it differs from satisfaction.  Simply put, customer satisfaction is how happy your customers are while using your company’s products and services and how well you are fulfilled their expectations. Customer experience refers to customers’ interactions with a brand’s products and services during all stages of their purchasing process.

Camille Jenkins is a results-oriented, customer experience consultant, keynote speaker, and realtor. With a decade’s worth of real estate industry experience and operational knowledge, Camille brings a real-world approach to setting and delivering on expectations. Camille served as the Vice President of National Customer Relations at Meritage Homes Corporation. During her tenure, the organization annually delivered upwards of nine thousand new homes, and customer satisfaction improved from 70% to 90%.  Currently, Camille Jenkins is the owner of Camille’s Keys located in Goodyear, Arizona.

Camille, Tim, and Steve talk more about…

  • Surveys for clients post-project and how to use them to impact change
  • How communication and education work together in the client experience
  • And more…