Scheduling has been a challenge for everyone over the last few years. Scheduling individual jobs is a challenge by itself but adding the sales design process, the job set up, and then the job itself makes the challenge grow exponentially.

Getting the sales design process scheduled is a growing trend in an effort to more accurately predict the start dates for clients.  This process involves gaining the buy-in from designers, sales, and production which can be a daunting task. Our guest today is navigating these waters with success and is here to share his experiences with our listeners.

Eric Bain is the project manager of Innovative Construction and oversees projects as well as handles client relations. He previously worked for the City of Vail where he sharpened his site inspection, landscaping and heavy equipment skills.

Tim, Steve and Eric talk more about:

  • Working alongside sales and design teams 
  • Utilizing a master schedule
  • Dealing with issues regarding supplies
  • And more…