We have done a number of episodes that are centered on the idea that we can look outside of our industry to bring in managers. We have also seen where some companies have found great success in hiring Project Managers from outside of the industry and training them in construction.

So, we continue that thought in this episode. Our guest Aaron Goeke comes to us from church ministry, what many people may refer to as a “calling” as opposed to a job.  Host Tim Faller started his working life as a youth minister and switched into construction, and shares his experiences during his transition in this episode.

Aaron is the Production Manager at CROSS, a luxury remodeling firm in San Antonio Texas. Aaron has been with the company for just over a year now, and has a background in custom cabinet building and commercial construction sales. He now manages a team of four project managers, one project coordinator, two construction supervisors and 10 field personnel.

Tim, Steve and Aaron talk more about:

  • Transferable skills
  • What to look for in a PM candidate
  • The process of switching industries
  • And more…