As listeners know, hosts Tim and Steve try to bring as many women on the show as possible in hopes of bringing new perspectives to the podcast.  So, guest Mollie Elkman is with us today to discuss her book that promotes the idea to young girls that women are capable of anything they set their mind to. She also helps us understand how we may be able to reach out to women, but maybe more importantly to girls during the formative years of their lives.

With a passion for understanding human behavior, particularly what drives people to make the biggest purchase of their life, Mollie uses not only her extensive knowledge and industry expertise to connect with buyers, but a kind of empathy that you don’t often see in a business setting.  She is the owner of Group Two and uses her position to cultivate strong relationships within her community through full service marketing for home builders.

Tim, Steve and Mollie talk more about:

  • Women in construction
  • Breaking through barriers
  • How listeners can participate
  • And more…