For people who own businesses in all kinds of industries, the interaction on the front line with the public and clients is often what builds a positive image and keeps those clients. 

In most cases, it even creates the referrals that many strive to achieve.  Guest Mark Harari joins this episode to share how the word of mouth is a stepping stone to achieve these referrals, and how to use it as a marketing tactic.

Mark has been around remodeling both as a business owner, a lumber salesman, and now a marketing specialist.  He is the Vice President of Remodelers Advantage, President of RA Marketing and Co-Host of PowerTips Unscripted, as well as the best selling author of Lobster on a Cheese Plate: How to Stand Out, Attract the Best Clients, and Win Every Sale that Comes Your Way.  

Tim, Steve and Mark talk more about:

  • The target customer profile
  • Brand personality
  • Successful word of mouth etiquette
  • And more…