More and more companies are reaching that point in their development where they require a production manager. It is one of the toughest jobs out there, since it feels at times that their attention is needed from almost everyone. There are the trades, the employees, the client and of course, the boss.  

Companies have tried all kinds of ideas to fill this role, such as promoting a “Lead Carpenter” and are typically left without achieving what they had hoped for.  Guest Charles Boucher joins this episode to share his experience in his role as a production manager and where you can look to find a great one.

Charles is the Production Manager at Neals Design Remodel in Cincinnati, Ohio and with many years of experience in the manufacturing industry and hospitality management, he brings a new point of view about production management and its benefits in remodeling.

Tim, Steve and Charles talk more about:

  • Project Managers and Lead Carpenters
  • Where to begin the search for a great production manager
  • Industry related roles
  • And more…

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