People mysteriously up and leave without giving notice, and we are stuck with the issue of keeping and retaining that “good help.” From a manager’s perspective all was going so well, but still, there is something going on in the employee’s head that causes them to leave. 

In almost all cases, getting more money somewhere else is the most common explanation.  Money is the prominent tangible item in the experience, so it is often used as the excuse. But what prompted them to even look someplace else? Why did the good relationship get to the point where someone was not wanting to stay?

In these next two episodes, we will be talking about how our personality and more importantly, the other person’s personality impact these relationships. We will discuss the external client in the first episode, and the internal client in the second, with the help of guest Jeremy Kelley.

Jeremy joined BACK Construction four years ago after running his own Residential Design/Build company for 11 years. Over the last year, his position has changed slightly from Production manager to Director of the Remodeling Division. 

Tim, Steve and Jeremy talk more about:

  • Utilizing temperament tests
  • The importance of “listening well”
  • Working better together through understanding better
  • And more…

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