Change Orders: Getting the Coding Right with Trevor Robertson – [The Tim Faller Show] S5 E7

On today’s episode of the Tim Faller Show, we welcome Trevor Robertson from Innovative Design Build, who will talk about how he uses change orders and how they are coded for cost accounting. Trevor is the Project Manager who oversees the process and communicates the changes with the accounting team. He will also discuss how he handles errors in the change orders.

Trevor Robertson is the Project Manager at Innovative Design Build located in Atlanta, Georgia. From a young age, Trevor enjoyed building, fixing, and creating. As he grew up, he realized just how powerful being able to turn a concept or idea into something tangible is. With years of experience under his belt, he joined Innovative Design Build in 2018, where he is still working today. His professional superpower is planning, then replanning when the plan changes!

Trevor, Tim, and Steve talk more about:

  • How do you code materials, labor, etc.
  • How are change orders created and entered into the system?
  • What are the results of this process?
  • And more…