Imagine buying a car from an auto dealer and as you pick up the car, the salesman hands you a role of blue tape, and asks you to look over the car and identify anything you want fixed before you drive it home… Sound familiar? We might be the only industry that sets this expectation with our clients.

Episode 3 of The Tim Faller Show addresses a topic near and dear to Tim’s heart, Zero Punch List Production… A system that Tim has been preaching for the past 5-6 years as he tours the US & Canada, working with some of the best remodelers in the industry.

To dive further into the discussion Zero Punch List, Tim and Steve welcome Michael Barkhouse from Amsted Design Build, a very successful firm in Ottawa, Ontario. Michael has been with Amsted for 17 years and has held the position of Construction Manager for the past 10.

Amsted utilizes the Zero Punch List Production system and has successfully implemented it throughout their organization, from Sales and Design, all the way through project delivery.

Tim, Steve and Michael talk through the different advantages and challenges of Zero Punch List and discuss:

  • Setting expectations from the beginning of the process (Sales & Design)
  • Lists are expected, but using them internally, not with client.
  • Steps in site protection to avoid generating errors and “dings”
  • Getting team members on board with this process and ultimately the client as well
  • Challenges experienced along the way.
  • Holding Full team walk-throughs as production winds down.
  • Celebrating the end of a project and setting expectation of finality.

A great episode for any company looking at progressive ways to improve client satisfaction. Please leave questions or comments for Tim and Steve below; we would love to hear from you.

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